TabHop FAQs

  • Can I paste in a full tab (including lyrics or chord statements) or only the bars of tablature notation? TabHop analyses the tab you paste in and tries to work out what regions are tablature notation and what are just sentences or lyrics. TabHop preserves the regions of text, so it will return the whole tab with only the regions of tablature actually converted for your output instrument.
  • Does TabHop cater for non-standard tuning guitar tabs? Yes, if the tab you want to transpose specifies the tuning for each string in the tablature notation, TabHop will cater for this and create an output tab that is in the standard tuning for your chosen output instrument.
  • Why is the tab that TabHop produces impossible to play on the output instrument? Unfortunately that's the case with a lot of guitar tabs. Due to the playable range on instruments like the ukulele a lot of notes can only be played high up the fret board which makes moving between notes virtually impossible. TabHop does its best to minimise how far you have to move your hands between notes but this is not always possible.
  • TabHop tells me that it couldn't pick up the guitar tuning. TabHop works with standard tablature notation where the tuning for each string is specified at the start of each line of tab. The strings in the guitar tablature should start with something like "E|" or "E-" in order for TabHop to correctly deduce the tuning.
  • Looks like TabHop is doing something weird. Can I report a bug? Yes! TabHop is complicated so it doesn't always produce results as intelligently as it should. Please email here to report a bug- your feedback is much appreciated.